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Stop The Cycle Of Debt Through Bankruptcy

Struggling to make ends meet for your family or business simply for its survival is stressful. Watching bills go unpaid month after month creates immense pressure. It may seem that no matter how hard you try, catching up with debt is just out of reach.

Bankruptcy can offer relief to end this cycle. For decades, the lawyer at Janssen Law, PLC, has assisted clients throughout central Iowa with bankruptcy filings and related issues, such as harassment from creditors and foreclosure proceedings. When you are in a difficult financial position, attorney Dallas Janssen can offer options to help you recover.

Find The Most Suitable Option For You

Many individuals have incorrect assumptions about what happens to property in bankruptcy. With dual knowledge of bankruptcy from the perspectives of both debtors and creditors, Mr. Janssen can help you protect exempt assets and plan ahead to make the most of what you have today.

There are several forms of bankruptcy, including:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy: Debtors can seek discharge of nonsecured debts and liquidation of nonexempt assets to gain “clean slates.”
  • Chapter 11 bankruptcy: Debtors – which are often corporations – can reorganize debts and assets. These filings are highly complex.
  • Chapter 12 bankruptcy: Debtors who are family farmers or fishers can create a repayment plan similar to Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 in a streamlined process.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy: Debtors can pursue a debt adjustment and repayment plan that matches their means. This type of bankruptcy generally allows debtors to save their homes.

Based on your circumstances, Mr. Janssen can determine which chapter of bankruptcy you may qualify for and recommend the most strategic path forward. He is well-versed in the nuances of all kinds of bankruptcy, including Chapters 7 and 13 (the most common types of consumer bankruptcy). Whether you are an Iowan farmer, downtown Des Moines business owner or local resident, you can trust his experience to start moving forward.

Speak With A Qualified Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you face significant commercial or personal debt, Mr. Janssen will not be concerned about how problems developed. Instead, he will focus on how to solve them. Call 844-879-2839 or email the firm to discuss your options. Janssen Law, PLC, offers free, one-hour consultations with a knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney.

Janssen Law, PLC, a debt relief agency. Attorney Dallas Janssen helps people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.