If you are considering trying to adopt a child in Iowa, you may know that it is a complicated, rewarding and often emotional process not only for you, but also for the child you are looking to take home. At Janssen Law PLC, we are well-versed in the steps involved in the adoption process in Iowa, and we have helped many clients navigate the complexities involved both before and after the adoption is final.

Per AdoptiveFamilies.com, many adopted adolescents and teens have similar concerns and questions, and knowing how to address these concerns can help you and your adopted child adjust to your new situations more quickly and successfully. For example, many adopted youths struggle to accept that the situation in a new home may actually be permanent. If your child seems insecure about whether he or she will stay in your care for the long haul, know that this fear of abandonment is very normal among adopted children.

Additionally, your adopted child is likely to have questions about his or her background and the reason for the adoption, and these questions may intensify as your child ages. Adopted children also often struggle with feeling different from their peers and looking for answers they may never find, such as why their birth parents chose to place them for adoption in the first place.

While there is some difference of opinion as to when the “right time” to share your child’s adoption story with him or her might be, most professionals agree that your adopted child should have all the information you have by the time he or she reaches adolescence. More information about the adoption process is available on our web page.