What’s keeping you awake at night? The stack of unpaid bills sitting on your desk? The nasty phone call you got from a bill collector while you were at work? Your nearly empty fridge and trying to figure out if you have enough on your credit card to grab a few groceries until pay day?

If you live with ongoing financial stress, your body might start to feel it. From sleep deprivation to making poor food choices to turning to alcohol, it is possible that your money problems have seeped into your physical being. The two are tied very closely together.

Many people look at filing bankruptcy as something to be ashamed of. Bankruptcy laws exist to protect consumers who have fallen on hard financial times. While many people are aware of the fresh start that bankruptcy gives you, many have yet to make that link between a fresh financial start and a fresh physical start.

Financial stability means different things to different people. It might mean you own a home, have a decent savings account and go on vacation once a year. It might mean that you pay your rent on time, are growing your 401(K) and spend your fun money on your kids. Health means different things to different people as well. Maybe it means you have maintained your same weight since high school or are training for a marathon. Maybe it means you swim every morning at your local gym or meet your friends for a walk every Saturday morning.

The numbers dont lie

Just as your credit score reflects your financial stability, numbers such as your weight, blood pressure and cholesterol reflect your health. Many people do not realize just how precisely connected the two of them are. Sleepless nights from financial worry may cause you to gain weight which can start a cycle of poor eating habits. As your debts grow and grow, your blood pressure could rise and rise. An overall picture of health considers many facets of your personal well-being.

Take a look at your finances today. Is your health being affected by your debt? Can you take one step today to get both your finances and your health back on track?