Iowa parents still share the financial responsibilities of raising a child even if they are no longer married or live together. At Janssen Law, PLC, we strive to keep things like child support as transparent as possible so you don’t have to ask questions about whether or not the numbers you see are fair.

Generally speaking, the parent who pays child support will be the parent who does not have primary custody of the child. This is because the primary custodial parent will be paying for daily expenses of the child in addition to larger, long-term expenses like college savings.

As for determining how much money the child payments will consist of, a number of factors are looked at. They can include information about your family situations. For example, if the paying parent has a number of children to take care of, their individual payments may be lowered. They may also look at the way you divide your current payments, looking at who pays for daycare versus who pays for healthcare and so on.

Money also naturally plays a role. The income of both you and your ex-spouse will be taken into consideration. Usually, the higher the income is, the higher the child support payment may be.

Careful consideration is taken when the court determines how much you or your spouse will be paying for child support in order to keep it fair to all parties involved while simultaneously ensuring that your child is financially cared for. If you would like to get a better feel for how things are looked at in order to determine where your specific numbers may have come from, please visit our linked web page.