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Family business and high net worth divorce

For high net worth couples who are preparing to divorce, there may be concerns and questions about various divorce-related issues. From a custody dispute to the distribution of marital property, Janssen Law understands that high asset divorce can be very complicated in Des Moines, Iowa. Moreover, there are other issues that can lead to uncertainty and stress, such as how divorce will affect a family-run business.

Talking to your child about their adoption

Many adoptive parents agonize over telling their child that they were adopted. They worry that the child may be hurt by the news, reject them as parents or that the news will somehow weaken their family bond. However, telling your child about their adoption can end up being a positive experience, affirming your love for them and valuing their place in the family. How can you approach the topic of adoption with your child?

Which debts can bankruptcy wipe out?

If you find yourself among the many Iowans who feel they are drowning in overwhelming debt, first, know that you are not alone. Second, recognize that it is not at all uncommon to rack up a considerable amount of debt, and that it does not indicate that you are a failure in any way, shape or form.

What considerations should you make in choosing an executor?

So, you are an Iowa resident, you have some idea as to who you want to receive what when you pass on, and you think most of the hard decisions must surely be out of the way. There is still a critical component involved in finalizing your will, however, and that involves choosing the person you would like to name as your executor. The executor, who may also go by “personal representative,” is the person tasked with seeing that the provisions set forth in your will come to fruition after your passing. Therefore, the Huffington Post notes that selecting someone with whom you have a strong degree of trust is often a wise move.

Why no divorce is ever final

It’s finally done. After many months and negotiations that seemed endless, you have it: You’re newly signed divorce decree. It’s done. You’re finished and you are relieved that you can now move on with your life.

Guardianship for adults with Down Syndrome

Guardianship is often appointed when a person is unable to properly care for themselves in Iowa due to being under the legal age or having a disability of some kind. Generally, it is designed to protect the person and not restrict his or her life. When it comes to those with Down Syndrome, it can often be difficult for parents to determine if guardianship is appropriate.

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