So, you are an Iowa resident, you have some idea as to who you want to receive what when you pass on, and you think most of the hard decisions must surely be out of the way. There is still a critical component involved in finalizing your will, however, and that involves choosing the person you would like to name as your executor. The executor, who may also go by “personal representative,” is the person tasked with seeing that the provisions set forth in your will come to fruition after your passing. Therefore, the Huffington Post notes that selecting someone with whom you have a strong degree of trust is often a wise move.

If you are like many people getting their estates in order, you may automatically consider close family members for the role of executor. Should you go this route, you typically want to choose someone who lives in the same state you reside in. Though Iowa does not mandate that your executor reside within state lines, the process of carrying out your wishes will likely involve travel, and it may therefore prove burdensome for someone who does not live nearby.

You may also want to take a potential executor’s age into consideration before giving them the role, as you want to make sure that your executor will outlive you. Furthermore, as important as selecting someone you trust is selecting someone who can be relied upon to adhere to deadlines, keep up with recordkeeping and return communications from others promptly and professionally.

Once you have an idea of who you would like to name as your executor and personal representative, let them know before making it official. The more prepared they are to assume the responsibility, the more smoothly the entire process will likely go.

This information about choosing an executor seeks to inform you, but please do not consider it a replacement for legal guidance.