When you and your husband divorce in Iowa, sometimes it is your children who are most affected by the new living situation. Because of this, it is important to understand how you can help your children adjust to the changes in their lives.

As you go through your divorce, it is important to remember that your children need to talk about the situation. HealthyChildren.org. says that you should make sure your kids talk about the divorce with you or another adult so they can express their feelings about the situation. This can help children process the new event in their lives and adjust to the changes. You may also want to make sure your kids know that you are speaking to someone as well, as this can demonstrate that it is all right to talk about the divorce. 

It is recommended that you and your ex-spouse enforce the same boundaries for your children. Transitioning between homes is typically easier for the kids when they know that the same rules are in place in each house. This means that you and your ex-husband should typically communicate often about the kids and your expectations, and this communication is usually better for the kids when you keep it peaceful. Although there may be times when the two of you do not agree, it is generally best if you do not argue in front of the children.

You can also help your children adjust by keeping their day-to-day routine as consistent as possible. Knowing that the same person will pick the kids up from school and help with math homework can help your children stay grounded as they adjust to the new living situation.