Co-parenting after a divorce is one of the greatest struggles couples have in Iowa. Working together after ending a marriage can be tough, especially if the divorce was messy. However, once the marriage has ended, parents are still obligated to take care of their children and ensure they have a happy and healthy life. When co-parenting issues get in the way, it can negatively affect the children.

The Huffington Post agrees, noting that divorced parents should never fight in front of their children. They should keep heated discussions for private times when the kids are not around. Parents also need to stay focused on the kids. Moving on and creating a new life does not mean leaving the kids behind. Both parents have to stay active in their lives. offers some advice to help parents effectively co-parent. It begins with creating a solid parenting plan. Parents should sit down and make a basic agreement. The goal should be to provide a consistent set of rules and to iron out any issues up front. This can go a long way towards keeping things flowing smoothly and avoiding major issues down the road.

Parents also need to realize that when the child is with the other parent, they have no control over what is happening. There has to be enough trust and faith there that the other parent will follow the set plan and keep the children safe. Trying to be overly controlling will only lead to problems. Setting boundaries is necessary to avoid such issues.