Many people in Des Moines are struggling under a crippling amount of medical debt. According to Fox Business, soon mortgages and credit cards will no longer be the primary reasons why people seek out bankruptcy protection because medical debts will be. Those who cannot pay them, often end up ignoring the bills that come in the mail and persistent phone calls they receive. Some of them sacrifice their health by not going to their doctors so they do not incur any more medical debts. 

As stressful as it can be for them to endure financial hardship for their medical bills, there are measures they can take moving forward to make their medical debts more manageable. 

Do not ignore the bills 

People should not wait to address any issues they have about their medical bills. As soon as they receive them, they should contact their providers to check them for accuracy. If they have health insurance, they should contact the billing departments and their health insurers to ensure that all claims for their accounts do not contain any errors or billing issues. 

Apply for financial assistance 

Most hospitals are aware that some of their patients are not able to afford their bills which is why they offer payment assistance programs, states U.S. News & World Report. Individuals should inquire about these programs so they can take advantage of them. 

Patients who do not qualify for financial assistance from hospitals should inquire payment arrangements. Many medical providers are willing to work with them to ensure they receive payment. They lose money when they have to send accounts to collections and use outside agencies to collect upon those debts. 

Anyone who is struggling with their medical bills should not wait until they feel no end is in sight. They should seek out professional help from debt counselors, charity and nonprofit organizations and a bankruptcy attorney.