When you head to family court in Iowa, you may assume that the judge hearing your case will listen to each side and make a decision that is fair and balanced without the interference of personal bias. This is what is supposed to happen, but time and again, fathers claim the court was bias against them.

According to Slate, bias against fathers when it came to child custody was quite common in the past. Mothers were seen as the primary caregivers and were often given custody, especially for children age seven and younger. However, society has changed. With it, parental roles and the court’s opinion on parental roles have changed. 

Now courts are more likely to work towards joint custody arrangements. However, bias does still exist. It just is not related to gender. The courts now prefer the parent who is more willing to compromise and work with the other parent. If both parents act this way, then it is an ideal situation. If you are willing to work things out and your spouse is not, then you will likely come out on top. 

One area where men may still suffer some bias is when they are not married to the mother. If you had a baby with your girlfriend, she typically has more rights to the child than you, at least from a legal perspective. You have to jump through many hoops to gain parental rights of the child. This information is for education and is not intended as legal advice.