A new year means a chance to say goodbye to the old and prepare for the new. For many couples in the Des Moines area, it is also a chance for them to leave their marriages behind. According to CNN.com, January is the month when divorce filings increase. 

The holidays are over. Many people are in a rush to divorce their partners. In their haste, they do not always consider the impact of their actions. 

Make sure finances are in order 

Divorce is not a fast end to a major relationship. The longer the marriage, the more intricately bound a couple’s finances are. It takes time to pay off joint debts, establish new and separate accounts and to improve credit profiles to help offset the financial impact of divorce. Some individuals find it necessary to work with financial experts to help them avoid difficulties in reaching favorable settlements, states CBSNews.com. 

Keep sight of children’s needs 

Many couples find it hard to focus on their kids’ best interests because they are fighting for their own. Sacrificing their children’s wellbeing to get the advantage in divorce can have long-term consequences and lead to financial difficulty in the future. 

Though many people look forward to divorcing their partners, their circumstances are not always ideal for a fast and easy split. There are many things that can make an amicable separation turn sour. It is essential for divorcing spouses to consider their current and future financial circumstances to ensure they do not overlook things that could lead to a less than desirable outcome.