If you are considering an adoption in Iowa, there are many steps you must take. In addition, there are many terms you may come across that you should understand. It is essential that you are clear on all of the details of the adoption so you do not end up with any surprises down the road. One of the main things you need to understand is the type of adoption you are agreeing to. It will be a closed or open adoption. 

According to Adoptions with Love, Inc., most adoptions in the past were closed adoptions. This meant that once the process was finalized, the birth parents no longer had any contact with the child or other interactions with your family. It also meant that you and your child had limited access to information about his or her birth family. 

The more common option today is an open adoption. This is where the birth parents can have some interaction with the child and with you. What that interaction is and how long it lasts is really up to you. It is something you work out with the birth parents. It could be anything from them sending letters to the child to actual visitations. The important distinction is that you and your child will get identifying information and have contact with the birth parents. 

The type of adoption you have is really your choice. Many couples feel having an open adoption of some type is helpful in the future when their child wants to know more about their birth family. However, in some cases, a closed adoption is what is best for everyone. This information is for education and is not legal advice.