If you currently reside in Iowa and either pay or receive child support, a time may come when you wish to revisit the amount of child support your current support order dictates. Maybe you are your child’s primary caregiver, and your child now has more medical expenses than he or she did before, or maybe you lost your job, and you can no longer afford to make payments at the amount your order currently lists. At Janssen Law, PLC, we understand the process of modifying child support in Iowa, and we have helped many clients facing similar situations pursue solutions that fit their needs.

According to the Iowa Judicial Branch, you may be able to request a review for a child support order modification if a “substantial change of circumstances” has taken place. This could refer to any number of different things, but a job loss, a change in primary custody, or a change in the medical expense needs of your child may all constitute a substantial change in circumstances.

It does not matter whether you are the parent who pays or receives child support, as both parents have the right to request a review of their current child support order, provided they meet certain criteria. First, there must be at least a year or longer left on the current child support order. Second, at least two years must have passed since your initial order took effect, underwent an adjustment or was deemed ineligible for an adjustment before you can request another one.

Both Iowa parents have a legal obligation to support their minor children. More about family law is available on our web page.