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A walk through the adoption process

At Janssen Law, we understand that, for Iowa families seeking to adopt a child, the process can involve a maelstrom of emotions, including excitement and confusion. To further complicate the matter, depending on the type of adoption that you are seeking, the steps of the process will look slightly different. For example, some of the steps in the process of adopting a child previously unknown to you are not required if you are adopting a stepchild or a close relative. In other cases, the court may combine some of the steps that would ordinarily happen separately.

Could I declare bankruptcy on my student loans?

Your student loans would probably not be eligible for discharge, regardless of whether you intend to pursue it through bankruptcy or another means of debt relief. That does not mean it is impossible to handle student debts. There might some avenues available to you if you are truly unable to address your loans, such as proving to an Iowa court that you have a unique situation.

No kids? You still need an estate plan.

Having kids may have never been in the cards for you. You may have known from an early age that you did not want to be a parent, or certain circumstances later in life may have made it impossible to have kids. Whatever the case, you accepted and enjoyed your life even though you never took on the role of a parent.

When are guardianships in Iowa terminated?

A guardianship over a person in the state of Iowa may be necessary for a host of reasons. A minor child may need a guardian in lieu of a parent due to the death of a parent or the inability of a parent to care for the child. A disabled person might require a guardianship to make critical financial and personal decisions. However, not all guardianships are permanent. Some guardianships come to a natural conclusion, while others may be terminated if certain factors come into play.

Planning to pass your business on

Major corporations have succession plans, but small business owners — especially sole proprietors — tend to overlook these essential continuity tools. Nearly any business in Iowa, regardless of the size, could benefit from its leadership considering how to enact a smooth transition of authority should a loss occur at the highest levels. 

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