If you are going through a divorce in Iowa, you probably will come to the point where the court will consider alimony or spousal support. In determining whether you will receive support, the court will look into several factors about your relationship and marriage.

According to the Iowa Legislature, the court considers the current finances of you and your ex-spouse. It will look into each of your earning capacity. This may include checking into your educational backgrounds and work histories. The court will consider who worked during the marriage and how finances were handled. It will also think about the standard of living during the marriage and how well each of you can maintain that after the divorce is final.

The court will also look at the marriage, considering how long you were married. If there is a pre-or post-nuptial agreement, that will also come into play.

Your physical health will also be looked at. The court will want to know about each of you and your current medical status as it relates to your finances.

It will also consider the property division that has already been determined in the divorce proceedings. In addition, custody of minor children will also be a factor in determining spousal support.

The court will consider every factor that will influence your finances after the divorce. It will take time to determine the impact of support on your and your ex-spouse before making a decision. This information is for education and is not legal advice.