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Iowa is an equitable distribution state. What does this mean?

During your marriage, you may not have given a second thought to whether you own something with your spouse. Now that your marriage is ending and you face divorce, the question of who owns what assets may become a preoccupation. Figuring out what property belongs to you and what belongs to the marital estate can be a challenge.

Be there for your kids when you divorce

Getting divorced may be one of the biggest challenges in your life. Like most other conscientious parents in Iowa, you have your children's best interests in mind whenever you make life-changing decisions of any kind. As for divorce, you never thought you'd have to have such a conversation with them. However, unexpected events happen, and this is happening to you. The most you can do is try to support your kids as best you can while recognizing that their needs may be different from your own.

How long does probate take?

If you have recently taken on the role of estate executor for a loved one, you already know how overwhelming your duties will be. After you have inventoried the estate and notified the heirs, there are still dozens of details to take care of before probate is complete. You may have heirs contacting you to find out how much longer they have to wait for their inheritance. Do you know the answer?

Bankruptcy could be the tool you use to stop wage garnishment

Dealing with debt is an unpleasant experience in many ways, and it can have a negative toll on multiple areas of your life. One of the ways that you may experience the effects of a significant amount of debt is through wage garnishment. This happens when a portion of your wages does not go to you, but goes to creditors.

Payday loans may cost more than you expect

You have probably seen them in storefronts downtown or in random shopping plazas along the highways. They have clever names that hint at how quickly and easily they can get you money. Some even suggest a level of patriotism. However, can a payday loan really be the solution to your problems?

How will bankruptcy affect your credit score?

When faced with the decision of whether or not to file for bankruptcy, many people worry that it will ruin their credit score. This is not an unfounded fear. Bankruptcy will make your credit score drop, and it stays on your record for approximately 10 years. However, bankruptcy gives you a chance to manage your debts and to rebuild your credit score with a fresh start.

Talking to your child about their adoption

Many adoptive parents agonize over telling their child that they were adopted. They worry that the child may be hurt by the news, reject them as parents or that the news will somehow weaken their family bond. However, telling your child about their adoption can end up being a positive experience, affirming your love for them and valuing their place in the family. How can you approach the topic of adoption with your child?

Why no divorce is ever final

It’s finally done. After many months and negotiations that seemed endless, you have it: You’re newly signed divorce decree. It’s done. You’re finished and you are relieved that you can now move on with your life.

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