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Creditor Representation

We Maximize The Amount Creditors Recover

A Creditors’ Rights Attorney With More Than Three Decades Of Experience

The stability of your business relies on efficient collection of payment for the products or services you provide. When a debtor files for bankruptcy, all hope is not lost. In Chapter 13 bankruptcy, a debtor must repay creditors according to a plan approved by the court.

In order to maximize the amount that you recover from a debtor who has filed for bankruptcy, it is smart to enlist the service of an attorney with extensive experience representing creditors in bankruptcy proceedings. At Janssen Law, PLC, attorney Dallas J. Janssen provides assertive and knowledgeable creditor representation in bankruptcy. Because Mr. Janssen has practiced in the area of bankruptcy law for more than 35 years, there are few if any creditor situations he has not faced. Mr. Janssen can review Chapter 13 cases for errors in eligibility requirements of the debtor. Further, he protects the creditor’s rights by making sure the plan proposed by the debtor meets the statutory requirements of the Bankruptcy Code.

Uniquely Qualified To Represent Creditors

Mr. Janssen has served as a creditor representative for local businesses as well as national and international corporations. In addition to that experience, he recently completed six years serving as a Chapter 7 panel trustee for the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Iowa. In that role, he was charged with reviewing a debtor’s use of exemptions and identifying mistakes or abuse of the bankruptcy system.

Mr. Janssen’s thorough understanding of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code and his meticulous attention to detail have gained him immense respect among bankruptcy judges and his peers in the bankruptcy community. These attributes serve him well in his representations of creditors. Janssen Law, PLC, provides assertive creditor representation at all stages of the bankruptcy case, including:

  • Preparing proof of a claim
  • Representing a creditor’s interest at a Section 341 creditors meeting
  • Obtaining relief from an automatic stay for a secured creditor
  • Pursuing adversary proceedings in order to object to the discharge of debts
  • Preference action defense for creditors

We Represent Creditors Throughout Central Iowa

The attorney whom you select to represent you and your rights as a creditor in a bankruptcy case can significantly impact the results you attain. The extensive experience of Dallas J. Janssen allows him to maximize the amount you recover when your business is owed money by a debtor who has filed for bankruptcy. Call 515-421-9068 or use our online contact form to schedule a consultation.