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Representing Iowa Families In Divorce And Other Family Matters

Family matters such as divorce, property division, child support and child custody can quickly turn into highly contentious and expensive legal battles when emotions get involved. We will work with you to provide personalized, reliable and practicable advice throughout the entire legal process. We will also fight hard for your rights and interests in a cost-effective manner while providing you with a solid legal analysis of your case and your options moving forward. We understand the personal and emotional nature of such proceedings and will help you to not run up a $5,000 legal bill over a $200 vacuum that you don’t even want (despite wanting to get back at the other party).

When you face a legal issue involving your family, it’s important to get a lawyer’s help early in the process. The decisions you make now can affect your family and your finances for the rest of your life.

The family law attorneys of Janssen Law, PLC, are on your side. Whether you are going through a divorce or adopting a child, we are here to advise you every step of the way. Call us at 515-421-9068 for a free initial consultation.

We help families in Des Moines and central Iowa resolve issues such as:

  • Divorce, including the equitable division of marital property and protection of separate property
  • Protecting your rights as a parent in child custody and visitation proceedings
  • Determining child support
  • Modifying child support or child custody
  • Restraining orders if you are abused or accused of abuse
  • Paternity actions to help you obtain child support or visitation rights if you have a child born outside of marriage
  • Adoption

As your legal representative, we will listen closely to your goals and then work with you to achieve the best possible resolution. If there’s an opportunity to resolve your family issue through negotiation rather than a court proceeding, we will help you do so. Our lawyers are ready to help you move on with your assets and your emotions as intact as possible.

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