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Navigating Estate Administration And Probate In Iowa

After losing a loved one, there are countless practical details to attend to. One of the biggest legal hurdles is settling their estate. Depending on the situation, that may involve administering the estate outside of court or it may require navigating the probate process. Both paths can be intimidating and complicated.

At Janssen Law, PLC, attorney Dallas Janssen provides trusted legal guidance on estate administration and probate matters. He can review your loved one’s estate and walk you through each step of the process. Backed by decades of legal experience, Dallas is well-equipped to address any challenges that arise along the way. His goal is for you to feel comfortable and confident knowing you have a trusted advocate beside you.

Understanding The Estate Process

Many estates, including those with a will, must go through probate – that is, the court-supervised process for validating the will and distributing assets in accordance with its terms. If your loved one had an estate plan that was carefully crafted to avoid probate – typically through the use of trusts – then the court may not be necessary. Still, the trust administration process involves numerous details.

Dallas can guide you through all stages of the estate administration and probate process, including:

  • Identifying, inventorying and valuing assets
  • Validating the will (if necessary)
  • Preparing and filing the appropriate tax returns
  • Settling any debts
  • Anticipating any potential disputes (such as challenges to the validity of the will) or snags in the process
  • Distributing assets in accordance with the estate plan or state intestacy laws (if your loved one passed away without an estate plan)

Dallas will work swiftly and efficiently to keep the case moving forward, without jeopardizing the quality of his legal services.

Upholding Your Duties As A Fiduciary

If you have been named executor or trustee of your loved one’s estate, it’s important to be aware that you will be held to high legal standards as a fiduciary (that is, someone legally bound to act in someone else’s best interests – in this case, the beneficiaries). Missteps could be costly and put you on the hook for personal liability.

Dallas will work diligently to help you avoid missteps and uphold your duties as a fiduciary, giving you peace of mind that you are upholding the law and the last wishes of your loved one.

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